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6 Profile Tips for Men on Tinder

Hey, are you a heterosexual male on Tinder with no success? Well, the problem is your profile.

Lots of articles have been written about online dating so this blog post isn't anything new.


1. Don't only wear hats.

If all of your photos are from 1 angle when you're wearing a hat, I can't actually tell what you look like.

I want a guy who isn't in denial of his receding hairline.

2. Clean your bathroom mirror.

If you're going to post a bathroom selfie, make sure that mirror is clean. So gross!

3. Don't post pictures of kids unless that's your kid.

Not everyone is interested in dating someone with kids and someone quickly scrolling through a dating app may not realize that's not your kid. Some men photos of kids makes them more approachable. Just because you have a niece doesn't mean you're nice.

That type of manipulation is gross.

4. Don't brag about owning a car or house.

Some guys list "Own a home" or "have car / house" as if that means they're going to be a good person. Wealth doesn't mean you're nice. I think these guys know that women aren't looking for scrubs but don't actually understand why not. Most people just want to date someone whose stable. Owning a house doesn't mean you're hard working, smart, or stable. It just means at one point, a bank gave you a mortgage. That's not impressive.

The "own a house" brag always gives me a weird vibe because it's like the guy is saying "oh women only want money, so here I have money." It makes me think the guy only sees potential partners as gold-diggers. Also, I have yet to see this brag attached with an actual employment. Most people put "plumber" "teacher" etc, but the "own a house" guys are always something like "self-employed" or don't list a job. It's a huge red flag to me that someone is bragging about their wealth but doesn't actually list their job as that is the opposite of nice and stable.

5. Don't talk about your ex.

If you need to talk about your ex, like her cheating or something else, go to a therapist. This is a red flag that the guy isn't over his last girlfriend. I think most men with side remarks about love or dating in their profiles don't realize they're showing their damage, which is the whole red flag. I want a guy who isn't damaged or at least knows enough to save it for the second date.

6. Your first profile photo should be a headshot.

People only spend a few second on each profile, so your first photo needs to be a good impression. Standard headshot is best. I've seen it all - photos of animals, pictures of trees, memes. If your face isn't visible, I skip. I don't understand why people put fraternity photos up, if there's 8 white men in suits, I'm not going to be able to tell which one is you.

People post terrible photos on Tinder, including photos of dead animals and car accidents, but the biggest turn-off is anger. Anger at his ex-girlfriend. Anger at not being tall, fit, and rich. Anger at women not responding. I've swiped "no" on a lot of men who need to talk to a therapist. Besides snide comments in profiles, another flag is the phrase "just ask" because that shows laziness. You've got 2 sentences to say why someone should talk to you and you used that space to say "talk to me." That doesn't bode well for how a first date will go down.

I get it - online dating is frustrating. I'm angry to the point I wrote a blog post about it! Ultimately, the dating journey should be fun and this should be reflected in fun photos and a happy profile description. Just clean your bathroom mirror first.

Did I miss any big profile mistakes? Do you think clichés like "new to town" should be avoided?


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