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Digital Minimalism - The Guide

I will be posting a series of blog posts on how to decrease one's digital footprint inspired by Marie Kondo's organization principles, as the desire for simplicity in life can only be achieved if our digital world is organized as well as the physical.

Other books like, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport focus on being less present online. While going "off-grid" is certainly desired by some, I like social media and blogging. I don't want to retreat from the digital world - I simply want to have my digital world as organized as my bookshelf. There's certainly a place for "less digital usage" but minimalism also means organization - it's not always a retreat.

It's frustrating to know I have photos, and documents somewhere on the cloud but can't easily access that information. So these posts will follow my adventure in organizing that "digital clutter" and offering a guide on how to achieve digital minimalism.


(1) Reading Material - Digital Minimalism Guide

(2) Beauty Content - Digital Minimalism Guide

(3) Video Content - tbd

(4) Music - tbd

(5) Personal Projects - tbd

stack of nine books with the pages out so spines are not visible to which a tablet with a e-book is open to read, all on a table in a libary



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