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  • Kate

Window Shopping: 5 Dream Kitchen Gadgets

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Here are some kitchen gadgets I would like to own if I had a larger kitchen.

(1) Mini Ice Cream Maker

Unlike most ice cream makers which make a gallon, this only makes a pint and is shorter than most blenders. Thus, this could fit nicely in a pantry drawer or beverage bar area and the frozen element would not take up a lot of freezer space.

(2) Stove Top Grill

Stove top grills feel excessive when almost every American house includes an oven and range fit for Thanksgiving cooking, but these heat up the house and give off air particles like smoke. This combined air fryer and grill will heat up the house less and reduces air pollution within the kitchen.

(3) Kitchen Torch and Crème Brûlée Set

A kitchen torch isn't a necessity, the charring be achieved with a broiler and a good eye, but wow is it easier with a butane torch!

(4) Double Raclette Electric Grill

If this gets hot enough, it could be used for raclette meals and Korean BBQ.

(5) Nut Milk Maker

This makes 2 to 6 cups of nut milk.



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