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Window Shopping: Curated Closet

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

This blog post is a reflection on some clothes I've bought from Amazon.

The book Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe, by Anuschka Rees, is mostly a version of KonMari - put all your clothes in a pile by type and go through them. However, the book also has a worksheet to figure out a buying list. Following that, here are some reflections as I worked my way through Rees's book.


Review: I went through a long phase of wearing Oxfords. My most used brand was Wanted, which is sold directly on Amazon as well as HSN and Modcloth. The problem is I would wear them every day and the rubber soles would get holes on the bottom. From my Amazon purchases, I would buy a new one every year. I cannot tell if they're fair wage products.

I think the owners of Wanted are New Yorkers but there is no mention of how or where the products are made. A more ethical alternative is probably Taft Shoes, which is made by leather artisans in Portugal and Spain, and Julia Bo, who donates to children education for every oxford purchased.

I stopped wearing these and wearing more sandals now that I work from home, but I should get back into wearing Oxfords. The problem is they still need insoles for good support.

Future Shopping: Buy a new pair of Oxfords and insoles if get tired of the sandal life.


Review: I went through a short phase of wearing embroidered blouses. I would buy these and then only shortly wear then, eventually selling them because of a dislike of the silhouette. I feel like the blue one added 30 pounds to my look since it's so much fabric on top and the waist.

Ethics: Most embroidered blouses are based on folk costumes, so there's always the ethical question of whether the artisans in Mexico, Ukraine, Slovakia, etc, are getting paid.

As much as I love all the embroidery, I prefer waists, v-necks, and with true sleeves. This is one of those tough decisions that the curated closet makes it sound easy. But this dilemma of "looks beautiful but then I hate wearing it" is something that is hard to remember.

Future Shopping: Buy blouses with a waist, v-neck, and 3/4 or bell sleeves!

Don't buy waistless, bowl neck, cap sleeved blouses even if they're very prettily embroidered.


Review: So unlike my Amazon oxfords (which have fallen apart) and my Amazon embroidered blouses (which I gave away because they aren't my style), I still have all of these zipper blouses. But I'm not sure if I'll keep them. The Calvin Klein tops are still in great condition, 3+ years after use. However, the non-print tunics are often see-through or in some way sheer. I'm not sure if I like this style. Sometimes I think they make me look older or younger. Animal print can read "Tony Soprano's wife" and plaid can read "middle schooler who went to Hot Topic."

Future Shopping: Buy shift dresses or stretch peter pan collars.



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