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Window Shopping: Curated Closet

Updated: Nov 20

This blog post is a reflection on some clothes I've bought from Amazon.

The book Curated Closet: A Simple System for Discovering Your Personal Style and Building Your Dream Wardrobe, by Anuschka Rees, is mostly a version of KonMari - put all your clothes in a pile by type and go through them. However, the book also has a worksheet to figure out a buying list. Following that, here are some reflections as I worked my way through Rees's book.


Review: I went through a long phase of wearing Oxfords. My most used brand was Wanted, which is sold directly on Amazon as well as HSN and Modcloth. The problem is I would wear them every day and the rubber soles would get holes on the bottom. From my Amazon purchases, I would buy a new one every year. I cannot tell if they're fair wage products.

Wanted, $50 / U-lite, $60 / Rismart, $41 / Mona, $98

I think the owners of Wanted are New Yorkers but there is no mention of how or where the products are made. A more ethical alternative is probably Taft Shoes, which is made by leather artisans in Portugal and Spain, and Julia Bo, who donates to children education for every oxford purchased.

Preston Shoe from Taft, $265

I stopped wearing these and wearing more sandals now that I work from home, but I should get back into wearing Oxfords. The problem is they still need insoles for good support.

Future Shopping: Buy a new pair of Oxfords and insoles if get tired of the sandal life.


Review: I went through a short phase of wearing embroidered blouses. I would buy these and then only shortly wear then, eventually selling them because of a dislike of the silhouette. I feel like the blue one added 30 pounds to my look since it's so much fabric on top and the waist.

Arjungo, $26 / Umgee, $26 / Riviera, $30 / Agan Traders, $40

Ethics: Most embroidered blouses are based on folk costumes, so there's always the ethical question of whether the artisans in Mexico, Ukraine, Slovakia, etc, are getting paid.

Abrazo Style / Etnodim / Kozzachka

As much as I love all the embroidery, I prefer waists, v-necks, and with true sleeves. This is one of those tough decisions that the curated closet makes it sound easy. But this dilemma of "looks beautiful but then I hate wearing it" is something that is hard to remember.

White House Black Market, $60 / Amazon, $25 / Amazon, $105 / Eshakti, $35 / Eshakti, $50

Future Shopping: Buy blouses with a waist, v-neck, and 3/4 or bell sleeves!

Don't buy waistless, bowl neck, cap sleeved blouses even if they're very prettily embroidered.


Review: So unlike my Amazon oxfords (which have fallen apart) and my Amazon embroidered blouses (which I gave away because they aren't my style), I still have all of these zipper blouses. But I'm not sure if I'll keep them. The Calvin Klein tops are still in great condition, 3+ years after use. However, the non-print tunics are often see-through or in some way sheer. I'm not sure if I like this style. Sometimes I think they make me look older or younger. Animal print can read "Tony Soprano's wife" and plaid can read "middle schooler who went to Hot Topic."

Calvin Klein, $49 / JCZHWQU, $26 / ANGVNS, $22 / GAHARU, $28 / BEPEI, $30

MordenMiss, $35 / AllegraK, $34

Future Shopping: Buy shift dresses or stretch peter pan collars.


Motorcycle Biker Leggings in Large, $33 / Stretch Denim in 20, $46

Feather Mini-Skirt, $42 / Lace Sleeves, $23 / Print Blouse, $27 / Amazon, $110


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