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Window Shopping: Party Animals Themed Party

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

After spending over a year under social distancing guidelines, the rest of the 2020s needs to be parties. I feel a sense of kinship to the post-1918 Influenza flapper era. Of course people wanted to dress differently and dance around in the 1920s - life is rough!

The sad thing is, I don't think everyone feels the same way about wanting to party like it's 1929. Some of my friends have retreated into themselves and the hermit lifestyle. My pre-COVID cookbook crew is vaccinated, so I offered three times to host a get together and I kept getting declined from somebody who hasn't been out of the house in a month. I haven't seen any The Cut or Atlantic articles on this to solidify my observation (always need citations!), but I think everyone has at least one acquaintance or friend who isn't quite ready to come out into the post-vaccine world.

Even though not everyone is ready for house parties, I've been window shopping for party supplies. This isn't just "come over to my house, I'm cooking a new recipe from the cookbook you bought me." Now, dinner parties are going to be an event, as we haven't seen people or partied in awhile. Below are some of my window shopping finds.


Party Animals Themed Party Inspiration

Indoor House Plant Tablecloth, $20 (AliEpress)

Indoor House Plant Centerpiece, $3 (Target)

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit with Paintable Pot, $35 (Etsy)

Rainbow Napkins, $8 (Rifle Paper Co.)

Animal Napkins, $9 (Rifle Paper Co.)

Large Animal Plates, $9 (Rifle Paper Co.)

Small Rainbow Plates, $8 (Rifle Paper Co.)

Animal Garland, $14 (Rifle Paper Co.)

Animal Cupcake Kit, $15 (Rifle Paper Co.)


Am I the only one with an itch to throw a themed party? Would you do anything different from my ideas? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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