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12 Arizona Influencers Worth a Follow in 2021

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Instagram is dominated by whatever is current in pop culture, fashion, and beauty. But not all of us live in a state where that "must have teddy coat" can be worn more than 2 days out of the year. I often see Instagram influencers who live in warm states, like Arizona or Florida, wearing snow clothes when it's snowing in other states but 80 degrees outside so they can sell winter clothes to their out-of-state followers or keep up with the influencers in other, colder states. I also see a lot of Instagram influencers who live in warm states that build or renovate a home to look like a northern Vermont house, complete with snow pitched roofs, instead of the standard southwestern adobe or ranch.

After going through my Instagram feed, I realized I followed very few people from Arizona. This skews the content and algorithm to show me content that doesn't reflect the place I live. So in 2021, I've made an intentional move to follow more Arizona influencers. Below are 12 influencers on Instagram from Arizona who are making great content that I follow.

1. The Arizona Explorers

Lifestyle vlogger with lots of videos and tips for things to do and see in Arizona.

Great architecture and old home photography!

2. The Entrepreneurs

A business coach who loves the colors of Downton Phoenix.

ABC's Bachelor contestant (married to the Bachelor, Arie Luyendyk) who vlogs and has recently started a fashion line.

3. The Fashion Companies

Organizer of Afro-Arizona Fashion Week.

Phoenix fashion house with stunning work and have been featured in Vogue.

4. The Influencer Companies

This company rents out VW buses for photo booths, date nights, and events.

This company makes beautiful food platters and boxes for delivery in the Phoenix valley.

5. The Artists

Krista Coons is a ceramic artist behind "Her Name is Mud" and her earrings were featured in Vogue.


Kathy is a illustrator, crafter, DIYer, and author in the Phoenix Valley.

6. The Models

Rochelle Anvik lives in a historic midcentury home that is often used for events and she models a lot of vintage clothes that are for sale in addition to great vintage beauty tutorials.


Franchela is an established model who resides here in Phoenix!


Who do you like to follow who lives in Arizona? Did I miss anyone who you love following?



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