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3 Good Scenes in Terrible Movies

Some movies are terrible except for one really great scene. Here's a small listicle.

(1) Moon Chase in Ad Astra

Ad Astra (2019) is another "daddy problems in space" movie. Only this time, the mystery is less stratifying than Interstellar, women are used a props in the movie, to be seen and not heard, and a number of coincidences that put teen-soap operas to shame.

However, there is an intense chase scene on the Moon when Brad Pitt's character, trying to get to a launch site, is attacked by pirates.

(2) Dancing on the Ceiling in The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding (1951) isn't a terrible movie, but it is a shameless cash grab. To capitalize on the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip, MGM released this musical with Fred Astaire and Jane Powell with a loose plot, musical pieces for a variety show, and real clips of the wedding crowd. It's not bad, but it's only good for an audience that wants Fred Astaire and little plot. Case in point, guess what "I left my hat in haiti" has to do with a royal wedding? Nothing. But it's a fun song so it's included.

While moving through the little plot of a movie, Fred Astaire suddenly tap dances on the ceilingand it's shocking and wonderful. The blog Big Fott tries to break it down how the scene was filmed. Here is a clip of the scene as it appears in the movie:

In 1986, Lionel Richie released a music video with a similar concept but the repeated cuts probably means they did not build a complicated camera system. In 2019, Billie Eilish preformed on Saturday Night Live doing a similar trick live on camera and you can see when the camera shakes when creating the illusion. Warning for flashing lights. Even though we've seen this trick used since Royal Wedding, nothing quite compares to Astaire's tap dancing.

(3) Zero Gravity Swimming in Passengers

Passengers (2016) is a truly terrible movie. Originally written with a darker tone, this script was changed to a romance comedy, only it involves assault, stalking, emotional manipulation, and an ending that would be horrible in real life but is sold as a "happily ever after." Jennifer Lawrence and others have since come out that they regret this movie.

Even though the plot is gross and the "happy" ending is sickly, the loss of gravity scene is magical. It's scary, beautiful, and answers the question of what a pool in deep space would be like.


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