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  • Kate

Rabbit Holes (Longform Articles) Part 1

Great, long non-fiction articles to send you down a rabbit hole and possibly learn something new!

  1. The Labor of Bringing a Baby Into Appalachia by Alecia Swasy via Slate

  2. Why is Judy Garland the Ultimate Gay Icon? by Louis Staples via BBC

  3. Our Friendships Evolve because We Do by Brittany Chaffee via Wit & Delight

  4. What is “Weaponized incompetence” by Sara Petersen for InStyle (see also this Tik Tok from thatdarnchat and books like Fair Play)

  5. Hard Times Don’t Make Strong Soldiers by Bret Devereaux via Foreign Policy

  6. Everyone is Beautiful and No One is Horny: Modern Action and Superhero Films Fetishize the Body, even as they Desexualize It by RS Benedict via Blood Knife

  7. What Really Happened to Malaysia's Missing Airplane by William Langewiesche via The Atlantic

  8. A Sea Story by William Langewiesche via The Atlantic

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