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Real Estate Websites for Castles

I love to look at real estate that I can't afford and imagine what I would purchase if I had the money for a castle! While and are common real estate perusing websites in the USA for normal websites, for castles, chateaus, manor homes, and palaces, I like to use the websites below:



Castleist is focused on castles of Europe but contains global listing. It's heavy on ads and often only has 1 picture per listing, but it's a great aggregate of many different real estate listings. screenshot showing  6 castles for sale


Lionard is a luxury Italian real estate company. As the listing agent for the real estate, they have many photos and it's a wonderful way to look at Lake Como villas, Venice Renaissance palaces, and medieval castles in Tuscany. screenshot showing  6 castles for sale


Private Islands Online is just a castle real estate website, their focus is obviously islands, but some of these islands have castles! The photos range in quality as often the Gilded Age style castles in the Caribbean are in disrepair. screenshot showing  5 islands for sale with the lower left having a clear grey modern castle while the other castles are hidden from the front photo


Le Figaro Properties is a French real estate company so their listings range from mansions to castles to chateaus. screenshot showing a mansion and 2 castles for sale


This French real estate listing puts their map front and center, which is perfect for window shopping online! screenshot showing 1 castle for sale and a map of France with 7 pin marks


This British magazine features all types of property, from mobile homes to country homes. They also do round-ups of properties for sale, like this Scottish Castle list.

Screenshot of showing 2 manor homes for sale
screenshot of showing a castle for sale for 1.7 million pounds, it is a white castle with gray rood that is very skinny and tall


This UK real estate company has partners in over 8 countries so has a wide variety of locations.

Screenshot of showing 2 Italian castles and 1 Guatemalan castle for sale


The famous auction house, Sotheby's, has a wide range of luxury real estate and make it difficult to search for "castle" but is a great way to browse pretty homes!

screenshot of showing 4 villas for sale and a map of Europe

Did I miss any luxury real estate websites you visit to look at castles?


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