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Sustainable Confetti for New Year's Celebrations!

Plastic confetti is near impossible to clean up inside, much less outside. Sustainable solution for outdoor confetti? Use pieces of leaves and flowers!

Here is a link to a bridal blog with a photo based how-to explanation: I do y'all

Below is an Instagram video from Unlocking Fun on how to make an earth friendly confetti topper:

Many bridal blogs either have the confetti in paper cones (doesn't give a pop) or in plastic cones (not sustainable). The above account use a balloon, and most balloons are still plastic. In theory, a full paper push pop is possible but I haven't seen any empties on line for sale. It would be made the same to the above, except with a popsicle stick and more cardboard.

Note to self: Save paper towel cardboard rolls and start hole punching leaves!


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