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The Camera Lies

Difference of lens and distance can change how you look on film or photo. Lower mm (a shorter focal length) results the nose appearing larger and the face skinnier. A longer focal length makes the face appear wider.

The old adage of "the camera adds 10 pounds" is based in fact as how we see each other and what appears on film can differ from what is seen with the naked eye.

To capture a portrait similar to the naked eye, the recommended lens is 85 mm to 135 mm. Business Insider. Smart phones are generally between 24 mm and 50 mm. Attachments can be purchased to increase the focal length (example on Amazon). Overall, the trend in smart phones has been to increase the sensor and zoom capabilities of cameras to increase quality in competition with DSLR cameras. Android Authority.

Moral of the story? Different cameras can really change how you appear in photos and videos.


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