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Window Shopping: Things to Buy Next

Instagram advertisements can be relentless.

Here are some companies that I may purchase soon, as inspired by that advertising!

"things to buy next" in cursive text next to a black blouse, a yellow blouse, white heels, brown sandals, and a woman in a blue dress

- Women’s Hollowed-Out Tops Short Sleeve Blouse by Belle Poque, $29

- Cherry Women's V Neck Puff Sleeve Blouse by Belle Poque, $27

- Massage Footbed T-strap Comfortable Sandals by Dream Pairs, $40

- Lace up Chunky Hell Oxfords by Dream Pairs, $40

- Miss Clara Dress by Lace Made, $130

- Edeva-Sun by Miss Candy Floss, $67


Anything in online ads that have caught your eye?


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