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  • Kate

11 Arizona Influencers Worth a Follow in 2023

Need a refresh of your Instagram feed to look more like home? I suggest these 11 Arizona influencers!


1. Arizona Interior Designers

Interior design and family life based in Tucson.

Do-it-yourself home renovation and thrifting account based in Tucson.

2. Arizona Home Sellers

Historic Home Realtors

Historic Home Realtor

Historic Home Realtors

3. Local Boutiques

Boutique focused on midcentury furniture and decor.

Local boutique focused on desert living.

Local boutique with a neon sensibility.

4. Local Small-Businesses

Backdrop and party rentals

Party rentals with a focus on sleepovers.

Local candle maker.


ho do you like to follow who lives in Arizona? Did I miss anyone who you love following?



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