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10 Arizona Influencers Worth a Follow in 2024

Want to follow some local people on Instagram? To add to my 2021 and 2023 lists, here are 10 more Arizona influencers worth a follow on Instagram!


1. The Arizona Explorers

Lauren and Oliver are Arizona based hikers with lots of information on weekend adventures!

screenshot of Instagram post from theazhikeaholics of a landscape of mountains and bushes that looks similar to Yosemite where the brown rocks just out of the trees and bushes like mini-half domes along a canyon, the text to the right in Instagram describes the granite peaks of Portal, Arizona

Local tips and things to do.

Susan Goudge

Arizona wildhorse photographer with a focus on horses.


2. The Arizona Bloggers

Married couple in Arizona with great lgbtq+ and plus-size lifestyle content!

Instagram post by malorisclark of two white, plus-sized women holding hands at the Arizona State Fair in front of a tilt-whirl ride where people are swung in circles on chairs with a caption of a list of things to do in October all under a beige filter

Alana Yazzie is a lifestyle and food blogger, get ready to be hungry!

Comedian and lifestyle blogger.


3. The Arizona Artists

Local ceramic artist.

Local artist focused on paintings.

Local artist with a digital sensibility.

Local art gallery that features many local artists.


Who do you like to follow who lives in Arizona? Did I miss anyone who you love following?



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