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5 Great Space Emperor Monologues

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Space Emperors and villains often get Shakespeare-style monologues amongst the lasers and glitter of sci-fi movies, elevating the content. Here are my top 5 favorite speeches for science fiction movie and tv villains!

(1) Roy Batty's Monologue

BladeRunner (1982) final scene with Rutger Hauer is very moving.

(2) Niander Wallace's Monologue

BladeRunner 2049 features a lot of great speeches but Jared Leto's monologue is really sinister.

(3) The Emperor's Monologue

Starcrash (1978) is a low-budget, Italian rip-off of Star Wars that should be avoided. However, Christopher Plummer gives a captivating performance of a horrible script.

(4) Balem Abrasax's Monologue

Jupiter Ascending (2015) is a wild movie and Eddie Redmayne performs an emotional monologue in the same year he was nominated for an Oscar for The Danish Girl and a year after winning an Oscar for The Theory of Everything. I love him for not thinking a space movie with bees was below him.

(5) Luthen Rael's Monologue

From Andor (2022) season 1, episode 10, Luthen isn't a space emperor but he certainly is a master of many working in the shadows for a space empire. Stellan Skarsgård delivers an amazing performance.


Did I miss any space villain monologues you love?


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