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Rabbit Holes (Longform Articles) Part 4

Great, longform non-fiction articles to send you down a rabbit hole and possibly learn something new!

1. "Our Friendships Evolve because We Do" by Brittany Chaffee for Wit & Delight

Jump to "act two" of transcript to hear about Broadway's Phantom of Opera "lifers."

3. "Why Did We All Have the Same Childhood?" by Julie Beck for The Atlantic

On how rhymes and stories get passed between kids forming a collective memory.

4. "Our Obsession with the Word 'Random'" by Paul Hiebert for The Awl

5. "Hanya’s Boys" by Andrea Long Chu for Vulture

Review of Hanya Yanagihara's book A Little Life.

6. "Everyone’s a Critic" by Richard Josephy for Los Angeles Review of Books

7. "Examining Inequality" from Gates Foundation

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